Morning News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Dec. 11, 2015

This afternoon up in Passaic County, a few elected officials, including Asw Shavonda Sumter, Passaic Sheriff Berdnik & Bergen Sheriff Saudino, will stand with the Islamic community against bigoted attacks and the threat of violent extremism. 

And she’s right. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman calls Justice Antonin Scalia ‘ignorant and racist.’

Gonna cost ya: With Port Authority taking the lead in building the Gateway tunnel project, NJ Transit & Amtrak customers will likely have to pay a surcharge to use the coming Hudson rail tunnel to help underwrite the burden of the $20 billion cost.

Christie and those who buy the trumped up fear of Syrian refugees. Ledger editorial walks through the faulty logic of the haters in NJ.

Pay up! Sweeney says he’ll continue to push for a constitutional amendment requiring the state to make quarterly public pension payments over Christie’s opposition.

More fallout from the Sheridan deaths: 3 families of Somerset County crime victims – including the son of John and Joyce Sheridan – have vowed they will fight efforts by the county Prosecutor’s Office to seek accreditation from the NJ Association of Chiefs of Police, which validates the professionalism of the office.

Interactive map: From colleges and government offices to military installations – and religious institutions –  properties that don’t pay taxes cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. Are you underwriting them where you live?

It was ever thus. Is your neighborhood toxic? It’s more likely if you’re poor or a minority.

Dirty little secrets: Has the decision to privatize cleanups of polluted properties paid off? 


Hey, New Hampshire: Christie’s approval rating in NJ is now 33%, disapproval 62%. Let us be your canary in the coal mine.

Or just don’t listen to us. Christie’s current situation: Trailing only Trump in NH. 

Anyone still think the Mastro Report was “independent” & “fact-finding”? Debra Wong Yang, a Christie personal friend and the lawyer who’s billed more hours than almost any other lawyer “investigating” the Bridgegate scandal, is throwing Christie a $2,700-a-person fundraiser for his presidential campaign – even as her firm continues to rep his office in the case.

The Christie Tracker: Matt Katz spots 10 times the Guv didn’t tell the full truth on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, Mother Jones points out that Christie used to be against terror suspects getting guns, despite all his circa-now efforts to appeal to gun-loving Republicans.

Follow the money: Christie appointees at Port Authority approved taxpayer subsidies and a rent reduction to support Fox News’ parent company’s more to the new World Trade Center. Christie is currently jockeying to be included in Fox News’ upcoming debate, and as RGA chair pulled in large contributions from News Corp and its affiliates.


Looks like Bernie Sanders is coming to NJwith Working Families.









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