Just a reminder from 1947


The quote is from a conversation G.M. Gilbert had with Hermann Goering in the jail cell where Goering was being held during the Nuremberg trials, for Gilbert’s book, Nuremberg Diary. And it’s useful to remember as fascismxenophobia and the casual disregard for the lives of a perceived enemy rises in the Republican front-runner for the White House and his fans. One loud showman who thrives on attention emboldens all the pipsqueaks to come out and air their grievances and misperceptions of people who don’t look like them or don’t worship God like they do. And even the megachurch set is ready to turn from Jesus’ teachings and gun-up and shoot down Americans who matter less than they think they do. America was led down this road in 2003 by a war criminal packaged as a guy you’d want to have a beer with, idiot frontman for more sinister entities. That war has everything to do with the rise of those who see killing us at Christmas parties as righteous. But that’s the problem with the righteous. Their absolute, messianic delivery, their certitude, is a powerful magnet for the ignorant, the angry and the desperate. And it never ends well.

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  1. Joe

    Goering committed suicide 15 October 1946 (aged 53).

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    You’re right. I should have checked the date better, when I verified that Goering said the quote. 1947 was the publication date of Gilbert’s book, Nuremberg Diary. So I presume Goering said that to Gilbert sometime in 1946.


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