Jamel Holley: I have never been as disappointed as I was yesterday.

12341639_10206556051312381_1814280772511617096_nIn all the years that I have had the privilege working in our State Capital Trenton, either as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Majority Leader or now, as a State Assemblyman, I have never been as disappointed as I was yesterday. I’ll tell you why!

Back in June, the lower house voted on Assembly Bill # 3593 which provides for certain law enforcement officials to be notified when a person applies to the court to have a mental health record expunged for the purposes of purchasing a firearm.

The bill in June passed 74-0, which means BOTH DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS supported the bill UNANIMOUSLY.

Months later the Governor decided to Conditionally Veto (CV) the bill. Our Democratic Party Leadership and Caucus decided that this bill was so important to New Jersey that we would bring the bill back to the full body to OVERRIDE the Governors veto. It was with hope that both Democrats and Republicans that supported the bill back in June would stand strong and override the veto. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

12342435_10206556052032399_8353123872943385278_nWhat you saw in Trenton was disappointing. You had Republicans for over an hour debate on the floor of back peddling on why they couldn’t override the veto. And as I sat near my collegues Assembly Reps Mukherji (Jersey City), Garcia (Hoboken ), Eustace (Maywood), Quijano (Elizabeth), Lagana (Paramus) we couldn’t understand why all of sudden the Republicans were back peddling. Well we know why……..POLITICS.

NEW JERSEY WAKE UP!!! HOLD YOUR SENATORS AND ASSEMBLY REPS ACCOUNTABLE. There are too many senseless killings happening and this bill would have moved us one step closer to addressing the mental health issues as it relates to gun purchases.

This bill was supported by law enforcement agencies and was heavily pushed by the Courts of NJ.

DEMOCRATS will continue this fight but I will tell you, it’s a DAMN SHAME CHRISTIE CONTROLLED THE VOTES OF THE REPUBLICANS and yet they continue to go on the record they want Public Safety in this State. They don’t.

Onward, but I thought you should know. God bless.

Let’s GO! 

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