Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? Martin O’Malley? (Less than) 6 hours left to vote – Tell DFA who to endorse for President

If you’ve followed Blue Jersey for a while (shout-out, you long-time homeblog readers, thank you), you know we created this joint straight out of DFA’s local New Jersey organizing. Blue Jersey’s founder was Mercer DFA’s leader, I ran Hunterdon DFA, and many of our original and continuing writers and readers are Democracy for America members, leaders or former leaders and contributors. And one thing I always liked about DFA is that with them, bottom-up organizing isn’t just talk; they walk the walk too.

That’s why I like the fact that DFA is going to let its supporters – and that includes you, Blue Jerseyans – decide who it should endorse for president in 2016. I checked the number a few hours ago and over 200,000 people had already voted. Despite being born out of the 2004 Dem presidential primary, and engaging hard in the 2008 White House race, DFA has never before endorsed in a contested presidential primary. That’s because in the 2008 cycle, even Barack Obama didn’t get enough votes for DFA’s 67% required supermajority. Only you can determine if your candidate hits that threshold. If the vote – ending 1 minute before midnight – puts one candidate over the top, DFA will be all in with primary support fundraising, recruiting volunteers and helping to pump GOTV in key primary and caucus states.

Know who you want to vote for? VOTE NOW

Want to see each candidate’s pitch to DFA members? Okay, go read: Bernie Sanders. Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton.

OK got it? Good. So –
 VOTE NOW (deadline 11:59pm) Who should DFA endorse for president? 


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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    A little more than 2 hours to the 11:59pm deadline, votes to tell DFA who to endorse just hit and went past a quarter of a million.


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