Christie Rally Pledges Allegiance to Ground Zero

I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show today, kind of half listening, as Brian and Matt Katz were talking about the Chris Christie for President up in New Hampshire when my jaw dropped.

Apparently at one of the rallies Christie and his crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance but did not do it facing an American Flag.  Instead, it was … well, read for yourself (or listen):

Matt Katz: At a Christie Town Hall, before the event began, they pledged allegiance to a poster of Ground Zero instead of an American Flag.

Brian Lehrer: Whoa.

MK: And this is before San Bernadino.

You can listen below.

I searched WNYC for more info on this, and found more from an article Katz wrote last week that makes this slightly better, but still creepy.

At a standing-room only town hall inside the firehouse in tiny Loudon, N.H., the crowd took the Pledge of Allegiance facing a poster of firefighters raising the American flag at the World Trade Center site on Sept. 11, 2001.

So at least the people were facing a picture of a flag, if not the flag itself.  But it reeks of fetishism that even the most basic  declarations of support and allegiance to our country are now buried in the politics of 9/11.

And it shows that Trump has set the bar so low even the “moderate” and “reasonable” GOP candidates for President are not above using the death of 3,000 people for their own cynical political purposes.

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