Bernie Sanders wins Working Families Party endorsement: Here’s the NJ breakdown

Bernie_SandersBernie Sanders was endorsed by the Working Families Party, which is aligned in this state with NJ Working Families Alliance. The vote was national and done by online participation by members and supporters.
In New Jersey, the vote was decisive: Just over 88% of Garden State voting was for Sanders, a sharp contrast to the heavy support for Hillary Clinton from institutional Democrats and high donors in this state. Hillary Clinton came in a distant second, at 11.07%, with Martin O’Malley at .81%, less than 1% of the vote. This map shows the breakdown of where votes came in. The national endorsement is a first for the Working Families Party, which is in almost a dozen states as a party. It began in NYC, where it has ties to Mayor Bill deBlasio, who has endorsed Clinton.
Working Families Party is aligned with organized labor, and has focused much of its work on economic justice issues concerning working people, which is a lot of what Sanders has been talking about in his campaign, including in speeches before vast audiences soaring close to 30,000 people. Here, NJWFA has done groundbreaking work in winning paid sick leave in several cities across the state.
Democracy for America has also launched an online member-driven poll. More on that later.

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    How many people actually voted???


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