‘The Morning After’ at Eagleton Institute of Politics

After every election, Eagleton’s Associate Director John Weingart moderates a review of the past night’s election results – The Morning After – along with several guests from both politics and those who cover politics. This is always held in Eagleton’s small, but well-appointed meeting room which every time I’ve attended (twice) has been stuffed with an interesting and mixed audience of students and political obsessives and nerds. This morning, John’s guests were Matt Friedman (Politico NJ Bureau), Gail Gordon (Republican Fundraiser & Attorney, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Fader, (Julie Roginsky (Democratic Political Consultant, Fox News Contributor) and Jonathan D. Salant (Washington Correspondent, NJ Advance Media/Star-Ledger).

I’m posting this as much for me as you. I half-listened live this morning as I was getting ready to drive around my hometown and pick up signs. One of my favorite things about these is the level of political nerd-dom is high, which makes the questions from the audience as interesting as what’s being said by the guests. This morning, there were questions both from Gov. Jim Florio and Jeanne Fox, former president of the BPU.

The Republicans, most of whom hitched their wagon to Christie and now find themselves stuck to an unpopular governor, had a bad night last night, and the Dems’ night was boffo. Can’t wait to listen to this. Here ya go. Video’s just over 90 min.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1sgBMKR9VU[/embedyt]

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