My new heroes: women & men of the Cherry Hill Women’s Center

Jen Groves, and her staff at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center know the lives of the women they serve, most of whom come for abortion services, are threatened by the people outside the clinic. They’ve had to put in place elaborate security; cameras, alarm systems, panic buttons, security guards, and doors you have to buzzed in through. Groves, who was interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) tonight says she worries about her patients every day, for fear of what the protesters outside may do to them (and also to staff). She knows they’re being targeted. She’s been threatened herself by one of the unwanted hecklers:

“He said he wanted to put a noose around my neck and throw me in the ocean like it says in the Bible.”

Abortion rights are the law of the land, but the daily screamers who station themselves outside clinics and the religious zealots who carry out their threats to murder people in their quest to demonstrate how pro-life they are, mean to intimidate women from getting the medical care they come for. And it often works. It’s not enough to simply say that abortion is legal when women have reason to fear showing up to get one. I have so much admiration and just love for the people who show up to work every day to protect the rights of women to make this decision herself and with her doctor.

Here’s the video. And if you can fight back with dollars, here’s Planned Parenthood’s donation page.


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