Fibonacci Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Nov. 23, 2015

1123 (Nov. 23) are the first 4 numbers of Fibonacci’sequence, and today’s Fibonacci Day, named for one of the most important mathematicians of the Middle Ages. Not New Jersey, but cool. 

This morning, on CBS 2 News This Morning, the newsreader talked about Donald Trump’s “controversial” comments about thousands of Arabs cheering from New Jersey when the Twin Towers came down on 9/11. Trump’s claims aren’t “controversial,” they’re discredited. For a long time now. I reminded CBS they’re a news organization this AM. If you’re on Twitter, please RT if you agree. 

Sunday’s pro-refugee rally outside Drumthwacket

Former Gov. Kean disturbed by politicians’ rhetoric about Syrian refugees: American Muslims are ‘our best friends’ says Kean, who served as co-chair of national commission on September 11th attacks.

This Winners & Losers List is funny as hell and exactly what Politicker does best, political gossip, some of it important, some not. Dead-on about Gopal, btw.

Watch for this new pro-charter group. One of our U.S. senators and a couple state senators are with it. 

Way beyond anything envisioned by the 2nd Amendment: Our permissive gun culture.




I forgot to take notice Sunday of this moment 47 years ago yesterday of the first interracial kiss on TV – or was it? – on Star Trek between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura. Uhura was one of the first characters of African descent to be featured in a non-menial role on an American television series. She was played by trailblazer Nichelle Nichols, who was once convinced to remain on the show by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Pretty much everything happened in 1968. 

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