As Christie preps for tonight’s undercard debate, he gets more bad news

It’s like continuing schadenfreude as Christie faces today’s Quinnipiac poll prior to appearing before a much-diminished debate viewership with the tough goal of resuscitating his long-faltering campaign. Tonight at 7:00 pm he appears on Fox Business News’ stage against Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum.

Today’s Quinnipiac NJ poll indicates only 8 percent of Garden State Republicans back him, a distant fourth place, and all NJ voters say 61 – 33 percent that the governor should drop out of the presidential race.

The first undercard debate held by Fox News averaged 6.1 million viewers while the main event drew 24 million viewers, but the numbers have been decreasing. In the most recent CNBC debate the 6:00 pm show drew 1.6 million as opposed to the primary debate which attracted 14 million viewers.

While Christie’s debate tonight will draw relatively few viewers, he does have more opportunity on the “B” team (or more accurately the “C” team) to draw attention to himself. However, Carly Fiorina in the undercard early Fox News debate was new in the race when she “distinguished” herself and rose to the main stage. Christie is in a less envious position as one who has been struggling in the race for a long time and after significant exposure has been relegated to the lower depths – a hole from which it is harder to escape.

Christie’s prospects are dismal. Even if he were to win the February New Hampshire primary, where he is in 8th place, he then faces an oncoming avalanche of primaries across the country with the  Republican candidate emerging as soon as March. He would need to win a large number of these primaries. In the Real Clear Politics average of recent national polls, all of which include data after the latest CNBC debate, Christie is in 10th place at 2.2.

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