Polls close in (less than) 2 hours. And I’m feeling nostalgic.

Deciminyan wrote something elsewhere this morning that reminded me that two years ago this week, we NJ voters really blew it, reelecting Chris Christie instead of sweeping in progressive new blood: Barbara Buono, with labor leader Milly Silva as LG.

At Blue Jersey’s Facebook, we have a new user – a Green – who said he assumed Blue Jersey’s Facebook was a “Democratic site.” It is, on the many occasions there are Dems to cheer – challengers Andrew Zwicker & Maureen Vella (LD16) and Jim Keady (LD30), incumbent Dan Benson (LD14) come to mind, with others. When Democrats are forward-thinking, brash, when core values aren’t diluted by opportunism or obedience to the machine, we’re Democrats. When they obstruct good candidates or good policy, when they’re greedy and opportunistic, or throw the weight of their voters confidence in them behind somebody like Chris Christie … well, our memory is long. Also long is the list of people who made sure the Buono/Silva ticket was torpedoed:

  • the DGA (Democratic Governors Association) which completely wrote her off
  • President Barack Obama: absent
  • Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Cory Booker and other national profile Dems who only sent condolences, after Buono lost
  • Tom Moran & Star-Ledger for that he’s awful, but reelect him anyway endorsement
  • And especially: Dems who fail to stand behind Dems; those powerful Dems who undermined Buono, and the sad sap Dem electeds that endorsed him (you’re particularly pathetic).

But why am I talking about all this tonight? Because I’m feeling nostalgic. Because if Buono and Silva were the winners, we’d have had a much better two years than we’ve had; two years dominated by investigations of a seated governor’s scandals and an absent governor who leaves us in financial chaos. We’d have had a unified government, though with some rockiness given party divisions, which might have required an adjustment from the machine, since neither Buono nor Silva was beholden to the bosses. And in Silva, we’d have had a Lieutenant Governor who would have been about more than ribbon-cutting and business visits.

Because 2013 was the lowest turnout gubernatorial election in NJ history – 39.6%. Because 3 weeks earlier, in the costly, self-serving, Senate special election Christie set up, turnout was the lowest in any statewide election – 24.5%.

Today’s election is slated to be a low-turnout election. I know you voted. You probably know what number you were at your precinct today (I’m #58). But if you’re not already sitting in some uncomfortable chair making GOTV voter contact (um, I am), you must know somebody who might not vote today. Get them on the phone and go deliver them to the polls. Your neighbor. Your brother.

I’m sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a busy office and our candidate’s high-school age interns just came back from campaigning, to jump on their homework before getting back into contacting voters. They. are. awesome. Who do you know who hasn’t voted? Polls close in less than 2 hours. Go get somebody. 

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