Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Oct. 17-18, 2015

Giving the appearance of trying to be on both sides, Cory Booker, who supported the Iran nuclear deal (a month ago) now joins the deal’s opponents to introduce legislation designed to ensure that Tehran doesn’t build a bomb. Booker, the biggest Dem recipient of pro-Israel money in 2014 had been under pressure from deal opponents including Christie to vote no on the deal. 

Commuters: Here’s your chance to tell officials how you feel about a new bus terminal. 

Menendez legal defense donors include Booker: His leadership PAC gave $10,000 as did the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, which like Menendez opposes President Obama’s efforts to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba.


Moran: Bang the drum slowly for Christie’s doomed campaign: Christie polling at 1%. Moran suggests New Jerseyans are taking dark pleasure in watching Gov. Chris Christie squirm for his life on the national campaign trail. “So if you wondered how Christie ginned up the nerve to soak New Jersey taxpayers for his campaign security costs, there’s your answer. He’s desperate.

Really, Christie campaign? You want to go there? Think New Hampshire GOPs can’t read? Christie PAC releases new NH ad for his campaign touting NJ job growth. NJ is still 49th in the nation for job growth, with a  unemployment rate that remains – long-time – higher than the national average. 

It gets better. Christie in NH promises to focus on affordable housing. The Gov wasn’t exactly affordable housing’s champion here, and the NJ Supreme Court had to take regulation of affordable housing away from his administration, after he repeatedly failed to obey an order to establish a new guidelines.

Sorry, Mets fans, but this is ridiculous: The P/T governor drawing the F/T pay, comes back from NH for Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. 

ARC Tunnel-killer: Christie’s dead tunnel gives way to one costing billions more. 

There’s not exactly a national clamoring going on for Christie, is there? Half of Christie’s 2016 fundraising comes from NJ, particularly that rich pocket around his hometown, Mendham. And state contractors, who are not bound by pay-to-play laws like they are in NJ.

ChristieFAIL 2016: Et tu, APP? Et tu, Snooki?

America’s Biggest Hypocrite: @GovChristie


LD24: Sussex Assemblywoman McHose stepping down Saturday: McHose, now the administrator for Franklin Borough, has endorsed a GOP Sussex County freeholder to succeed her. 

LD7: Dems Conaway & Singleton blast Christie vetoes.

LD2: Both incumbents Vincent Mazzeo (D) and Chris Brown (R) lead in Stockton poll.  This, despite a tough ad from GOP’s Brown, showing Mazzeo at a loss for words over casino resolution.

Hoboken: Ward 1 & 4 candidates face off in debate. 


Bank begins foreclosure on power plant at Revel: What a mess.

Record editorial applauds the state increasing enrollment in the free or reduced-price school breakfast program for thousands of low-income students. 

Early NJ tax collections ahead of forecasts. 




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