News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

She is a badass woman and we cheer her! Working Families chief Analilia Mejia talks about how her past has inspired her efforts to improve conditions for NJ’s workers.

Republicans get caught being jackasses: West Deptford Republicans got caught using township-owned devices in texting each other planning their campaign to unseat Dem mayor Denice DiCarlo. Messages included calling her “one ugly chick” and created images of her as Wicked Witch of the West with the faces of her 2 fellow Dem committee members imposed on flying monkeys. Yes, really. These nitwits accidentally sent the texts to the wrong woman.

Superior Court scuttles hopes of pension trustees: Workers held up their end of the 2011 agreement that called for them to pay more toward their pensions, but Christie’s decision to short the state’s end of the agreement stands, even as he continues to try to propel himself into the White House citing it as a success.

House Republicans in chaos: What role did Scott Garrett play in the speaker turmoil?

Speaking of Garrett… The CD5 congressman calls on officials to obtain private inspection reports on oil trains.

Potential good news: J & J starts Ebola vaccine trial in Sierra Leone.

NJ student poet honored at the White House. As a HS freshman, Eileen Huang of Holmdel read an anthology of poetry. As a sophomore, she became one of 5 national student poets of the year.

Pallone: GOP probe of Planned Parenthood ‘lacks ‘legitimacy’.


Now that the Republicans’ LD38 originally-chosen candidate incredibly insulting potty-mouthed homophobe got exposed and got out, the GOP has chosen a B-team. Do you care?

LD 14 & 15: In 14, incumbent Dems Dan Benson & Wayne DeAngelo defend seats in this swing district against a GOP and Green Party slates, in a campaign atmosphere DeAngelo calls “scary quiet” right now. In 15, Asm Gusciora has held his seat for 19 years, but his running mate, Mercer Dem Chair Liz Muoio faces her first general election.

South Jersey races: Vice, intimidation and tumbleweeds.

General Majority super PAC, associated with Norcross targets South Jersey races.

NJ Dept. of Ed gears up for release of PARCC test scores. NJ remains officially dedicated to high-stakes testing.

Fairleigh Dickenson poll: Trump at 26% and Carson at 22%. Christie’s in 9th place at 3%, the minimum he needs to average to participate in the next debate Oct. 28, and avoid the kiddie table.

Ledger editorial: Jamie Fox was another casualty of Christie’s ambition.

Really? George W. Bush is who you pattern your foreign policy approach after? Christie takes a takes a ‘with us or against us’ approach to foreign aid.

‘Numbnuts lawmaker still embraces Christie’s insult. Well, at least Reed Gusciora’s nuts are still in New Jersey working. Can’t say the same for the Gov.

In New Hampshire, Christie still trying to ride the Sandy pony: The lessons of Sandy ‘will help me be a better president’.

In case you give a damn what Christie’s first car was, or you like Jay Leno.

Barbara Buono hints at partisan witch hunt after paying $1,600 fine. In a letter from her attorney, Buono acknowledged she shouldn’t have questioned prospective voters about the governor’s race before she established a gubernatorial campaign account, but questions ELEC’s motives in citing her.

On alert: 8 NJ child welfare offices got calls this week threatening to “threatening to shoot up the site or kill everyone in the building”.

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