Newest Port Authority Scandal only getting worse


Major kudos to the Dems as they continue to peel back the onion of the Port Authority

With State Senate Majority Leader (Dist 37-Bogota, Ft. Lee, Pal Park) Weinberg leading the way and even now the Bergen Record crying for more revelations.

Its still amazing that despite the outcry of Bergen County Leader James Tedesco, that conflicted Port Authority Commissioners Ray Pacino and even William Schuber are still sitting on the Port Authority Bd of Directors, wtf!?!

With even new rumblings of allegations of United Airlines creating a new direct flight from Norte Dame to EWR, where the Govs daughter attends college.

Weinberg and Wiz are right to go after any and ALL conflicts of interests, as they are now revealing Fox’s issue.

From the Ashley Madison Sex Scandal where the Governors top top political adivisor his brother assited in his first campaign for Dorm Student President to the ever growing Port Authority-Wolff
Samson scandal its only going to get worse.

Great to hear that the Dept of Transportation, the Port Authority, the NJSEA, NJTurnpike and the Meadowlands Mall development, which are ALL related to the Wolf Samson drama, is open for review.

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