LD 38: It’s complicated

One might think that after the repugnant remarks made by Republican Assembly candidate Anthony Cappola, he would be out of the LD 38 race. He said he would resign, but he plans to be at Wednesday’s debate, he remains on the ballot, and he could even be elected.

The League of Women Voters will hold a forum for District 38 candidates today on Wednesday at 7:30 pm in the auditorium of Paramus High School at 99 E. Century Road in Paramus. The other Republican candidate, Mark DiPisa, not wanting to be associated with Cappola, says he will not attend if Cappola is there. The incumbent Democrats Joe Lagana and Tim Eustace will be there talking about their strong record and explaining why they should remain in office.

Republican leadership wanted to replace Cappola with another candidate, but the ballots were already printed and it would cost some $200,000 to do so. Hence an individual who wrote homophobic, sexist and racist comments in a book some twelve years ago is still pushing forward and could end up in Trenton if elected.

Expecting that District 38 would be a close race it is here where of all districts the candidates have spent the most money in the General Election, $1,085 million, and where Democratic SupertPAC’s poured in over $198,000 in additional support. It seems unlikely that voters would elect Cappola. However, the Democrats are not easing up, and the district’s Senator, Robert Gordon (not up for re-election now), has joined in door-to-door canvassing to support Eustace and Lagana.. District voters should swarm the polls in November and assure the rest of New Jersey they do not support Cappola.

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