How delusional is Mary Pat Christie?

I have to share with you the email fundraising appeal that just plopped into my inbox over Mary Pat Christie’s electronic signature. Surely some campaign functionary wrote it; I doubt New Jersey’s First Lady is up nights structuring emails. But come on. How does nobody stop something this desperate from flying out the door?

The email’s called “issues not insults”. Really, and there’s not even a self-effacing LOL in there anywhere. The wife of the guy known for calling a former Navy SEAL “idiot“? That guy? Team Christie 2016 is pretty ham-handed. I know what they were going for, Christie’s one standout moment from Debate #2, when he scored points for calling out Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina for their “childish back-and-forth“. Right. But does it occur to any thinking person on that campaign that an email calling for substance and not insults should come from literally anybody else than the wife of the candidate best known for a long string of insults to women? BYGANOZCAAAGpOU.jpg-large

Bats to Loretta Weinberg. Put-downs to a Newark teenage student . And this, where Mary Pat seemed to get her jollies from the up-close and personal of her husband’s ugly in-her-face incident with teacher Melissa Tomlinson.

“Issues not insults”? I call bullshit.

From: “Mary Pat Christie” <>
Date: October 28, 2015 at 11:02:52 AM EDT
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: issues not insults


Chris is ready for tonight. You know why? In a debate focused on our economy, he is the only candidate who has the most substantive plans to ensure a better tomorrow for families across the country and get our country back on the right track.

So you know what we say? Bring it on.

Mary Pat

PS – Don’t forget to chip in $25 and add your name to our debate team! And hey, why not forward this email to your friends too?

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  1. JKWilson

    No surprise. Christie’s entire career has been built on deception. Image is all that matters, and reality is whatever he proclaims it to be. Unfortunately, it worked for a long time in NJ.


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