Get out the vote and cast your ballot

Plan your weekend. This is canvassing time for us to help our Assembly candidates get out the vote.

Why is this important? Look at the results of three Assembly elections in 2013:

  • LD 1: Sam Fiocchi (R) won by only 928 votes (27,539) against incumbent Nelson Albano (D) (26,611).
  • LD 2: Vincent Mazzeo (D) won by only 40 votes (25,164) against incumbent John Amodeo (R) (25,124).
  • LD 38: Incumbent Tim Eustace (D) won by only 56 votes (26,021) against Joe Scarpa (R) (25,965).

Other close elections in 2013 included LD 14 by 2,857 votes and LD 18 by 2,569 votes.

The turnout in the Assembly races in 2013, which also had Chris Christie and state senators on the ballot, was poor. In many Assembly districts fewer than 100,000 people voted. The Hall of Shame goes to LD 20 with only 53,095 voters and LD 29 with only 37,764 voters.

Predictions for turnout on Tuesday when only the Assembly seats (and one State Senate seat in LD 5) are on the ballot are even more dismal.

Losing an election is disappointing. Losing a close one is worse because it might have been prevented by stronger get out the vote effort.

Tuesday is the date for us to cast our ballot in the Assembly race.

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