Congress’ Gift to the Oil Lobbyists


You may think that nothing gets done in today’s House of Representatives. After all, members have failed to pass any meaningful immigration reform, spent millions of dollars on witch hunts, and have become so ineffective that their leader is quitting in disgust.

But if you are a dirty-energy executive, you would think differently. The House just handed you a lucrative gift. It passed a bill that would eliminate the 40-year-old ban of export of domestic oil.

As energy prices are stabilizing and renewables are now as cost effective as fossil fuels, these oil executives are working to peddle their products to new and growing overseas markets. Despite the fact that they continue to reap obscene profits and suck off the teat of their government subsidies, apparently that’s not enough for them.

So they got their bought-and-paid-for congresscritters to lift the ban on oil exports. If this bill becomes law, we can expect more drilling, more pipelines, more water and soil contamination, and more explosions.

Proponents of the lifting of the ban will claim that it creates American jobs. But are these the kind of jobs we want? Jobs that create environmental disasters and pollute our air and water. And even more jobs to clean up the resulting detritus.

If Congress truly wanted to create good, safe, and well-paying jobs, it would refocus its attention to the clean energy industry.

Below the fold: New Jersey’s votes

So how did New Jersey’s congressional delegation vote? Not strictly on party lines:

Voting in favor of more pollution:

Tom MacArthur (R-03)
Scott Garrett (R-05)
Leonard Lance (R-07)
Albio Sires (D-08)
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11)

Voting against lifting the ban:

Donald Norcross (D-01)
Frank LoBiondo (R-02)
Chris Smith (R-04)
Frank Pallone (D-06)
Bill Pascrell (D-06)
Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12)

Donald Payne Jr (D-10) did not vote. The bill passed with 261 votes for, and 159 against.

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