@BlueJersey is live-tweeting @ACLUNJ’s 2015 Annual Membership Meeting

Deciminyan & I are at ACLU’s annual meeting to update its members on the years activities. I will be live-tweeting at least part of the meeting here:

On Twitter: @BlueJersey  Hashtag: #ACLUNJ2015

I may also broadcast part of the meeting at Periscope. You’d need to download the application to your smartphone, then follow us at BlueJersey. ACLU-NJ has 20,000 members and donors, and many more supporters. I personally know three people whose civil liberties were defended by ACLU-NJ participating attorneys. I expect tonight’s discussion to include reports on mass incarceration, the right to privacy, reproductive rights, and other issues.

I’m a member of ACLU-NJ, and I should also disclose that I live with a member of the board. But I live-tweet many of ACLU-NJ’s big events, so I’d be doing this anyway.

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  1. deciminyan

    Sorry I missed the meeting, but some issues came up at the last minute. I look forward to Rosi’s post telling us of the important work that the ACLU-NJ is doing.


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