All aboard the Democratic presidential nomination debate


The debate will kickoff at 8:30 pm on CNN. You can stream it at CNNgo.

CNN is energetically promoting tonight’s affair although it will likely lack the weird, wild, and confrontational show-biz we saw in the Republican debates. Nonetheless it will feature the two key players – the more cautious and restrained Hillary Clinton and the forthright and passionate Bernie Sanders – plus the less know former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former US Senator, Secretary of the Navy and Vietnam veteran Jim Webb, and former US Senator and governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee. In the mix recently is Vice President Joe Biden who is undeclared but is picking up substantial points in the polls.

Most eyes and ears will be on the featured players, both of whom have raised substantial funds and have large followings but so far have engaged in only light shadow boxing with each other. Nationally in the Huff Post poll Clinton is at 44.4%, Sanders at 25.1%, Biden at 19.1%, and the remaining candidates at 1% or less. The results from Real Clear Politics are similar: 43.1, 25.9, and 17.3. In early states Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire by 9.2, and Clinton leads in Iowa by 11.7 and in North Carolina by 28.3.

There has been limited polling pitting Christie against other Democrats. In NJ polling, the most recent in May had Clinton leading Christie by 20.3. In national polling, in July Clinton led by 9 points. Currently in the general election Clinton is at 46.5 vs. Christie at 42.7.

The debate will kickoff at 8:30 pm on CNN. You can stream it at CNNgo.

For Democrats, facing a Republican Senate and House, and a Supreme Court seesawing back and forth, the last thing we need is a Republican President. Let us know whom you are supporting now.

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