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On Friday former Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race.

Asked to predict who would be next to exit the 2016 field, Pollster John Zogby said:

Aside from the also rans, like George Pataki, Bobby Jindal and Jim Gilmore? It will be Christie.”

Zogby had previously predicted Perry’s departure.

What do you think?

Quote of the Day

I’m not sure how much longer I can laugh at the Trump Republican chaos rather than be frightened of it, but for now, here is a good quote:

One reporter asked about Chris Christie calling Mr. Trump self-obsessed and pointing out that Mr. Priebus didn’t give the same respect to the New Jersey governor for his signature. Almost guffawing, Mr. Trump referred to Mr. Christie’s polling, saying, “You don’t have to be met when you’re at 2 percent.”

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  1. deciminyan

    Keep in mind that even though Christie has no chance of garnering the GOP nomination, as long as he stays in the race, he can continue to raise money from rich, uninformed millionaires who would like to be on their list of people he owes favors to. And there’s always a future presidential run that these funds can go to.

  2. CreedPogue

    there is NO way he leaves the race before New Hampshire.

    Why would he?

  3. Bill Orr (Post author)

    We know he has scheduled fundraisers this month but since he only filed with the FEC on July 1 there will be no financial report until October.

    In the meantime from September 1 through now his PAC has spent about $4 million in New Hampshire and nationally, primarily during the lead-up to the FOX debate. In October the PAC spent very little. OMP, Inc which supports progressive causes and Planned Parenthood have spent small sums opposing him and other Republicans.

    His campaign and his PAC still have money, but they are not boasting about big donations and his campaign is floundering so it’s likely contributions are decreasing and may well soon dry up.

    He has shown no traction in the past few months, but he is probably hoping to gain ground at the CNN debate, but that does not seem promising. He may have enough money, on a reduced budget, to continue until the NH primary, but his prospects do not look good there either. NH could be his Waterloo.


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