Pope Francis in United States

As a child I was brought up in Argentina where the Catholic Mass was largely in Latin, and parishioners understood little or nothing of what was being said. I have many objections to the Roman Catholic Church starting with the  hard-to-believe Nicene Creed used in its liturgy (read it and decide for yourself) and continuing on to its position on women priests, contraception, abortion, divorce, celibacy of priests, and the LGBT community.

However, you got to love Pope Francis who hails from Argentina where as a cardinal he went to work by public transportation and lived in a small apartment in Buenos Aires where he often cooked his own meals. It’s no surprise as pope he took his name from Saint Francis of Assissi who ministered to the poor.

In the the U. S. he will visit a school, a homeless shelter, and a prison. In contrast with our governor, Pope Francis is devoutly concerned about the poor, climate change, the plight of immigrants, and income inequality. These are some of the themes we will likely hear from him in Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

Upon his arrival at Joint Base Andrews yesterday he was greeted by cheers and chants of “Ho ho, hey hey, welcome to the U-S-A.” Indeed, he will be a welcome tonic to what we are hearing from Republicans running for president.  

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