News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015

Trump takes some hits on his history with Atlantic City. Patacki calls into question the frontrunner’s promise to make America great again, saying he promised the same thing about AC. 3 casinos. 4 bankruptcies. 5,000 jobs lost.  

Anti-choice Christie says Hillary Clinton ‘believes in the systematic murder of children. Classy moment from the guy who brags he cut off funding for women’s healthcare.

Law & order Christie resurfaces as he brags he’d be the dude to prosecute Hillary. Tough talk from a guy more mired in scandal than she is.

Good question. Christie says the war on drugs was a failure. So why is he perpetuating it?

Christie tries to position himself as an outsider, arguing being a GOP Gov dealing with a ‘crazy, liberal Democratic Legislature’ sets him apart. Would these be the same crazy liberals who gave him nearly everything he wanted in his first term?

State moves to block appeals of the $225M ExxonMobil deal. Because it’s not enough that it’s awful, we also have to protect it from anybody sensible challenging it.

Yeah, Jon Stewart is a mensch. Watch him go to bat for Ground Zero first responders to get the care they deserve.

This OK with you? Jim McGreevey works for Hudson County for 4 months, then is allowed to retire with lifetime benefits.

Happy Birthday, Loretta Weinberg. 3 of the 4 likely NJGov candidates show up. Maybe Fulop was busy. More Loretta: Air support for the LD11 Dem candidates via Weinberg’s sharp criticism of incumbents Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande.

Will this gun control bill be the first Christie veto Dems succeed at overriding? They haven’t persuaded enough Republicans to reach critical mass, but you have to wonder what GOP legislators are thinking since this was a common-sense bill they helped pass unanimously before the Gov got his hands on it.

Stockton sells Showboat casino, but who bought it? The university isn’t talking.  

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  1. Bill Orr

    Christie did OK yesterday, but probably not enough to help him rise in the ratings. 51% in the polls goes to Trump and Carson which gives little space for movement in the other 14 candidates.

    Christie’s best hope is that Trump and Carson go down and he gets some of the pickings, but that is not assured.

    I was offended by Christie saying the focus should not be on himself, but on the people. This strong-willed individual as governor has long focused on himself and shown little concern for “the people.”


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