News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, September 14, 2015


  • Christie’s reaction to the news about former PA Chair David Samson: “Let’s stop just reading the newspapers.” Oh really?
  • After NYC Police Commissioner said Christie made “a bit of a fool of himself” for criticizing NYC’s mayor on crime statistics, Christie, ignoring NJ’s crime problems, charged the commissioner with being “completely ridiculous.”

  • An interesting article on the origin of the feud between Christie and NYPD.

    The GOP’s “uninformed attack dog” is what a Star-Ledger editorial calls Christie. He even continues to support and joke about the mean and unnecessary way he dealt with nurse Kaci Hickox when she came back from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

    Is there room for Reagan in this race? Charles Stile says, “Christie has all but ditched that brand in recent months.”


  • “What we know about United Airlines makes this PATH project suspect.” This Star-Ledger editorial urges investment instead in a new trans-Hudson tunnel and Port Authority Terminal.

  • A once cozy alliance turns sour: dinners and deals brought Christie allies and airline execs together.

    NJ hospitals excluded from Horizon’s proposal worry about their future. Horizon seeks to forge a partnership with only 34 hospitals which could affect the financial viability of those excluded.

    Syrian refugees find a haven in North Jersey: Hussar Alroustom fled bombing and gunfire in Homs and is living now in Jersey City.

    Record N.J. lottery sales are no windfall: worst returns in 40 years fuel vendor criticism.

    Christie stands firm on less-detailed revenue reports. Critics say lawmakers aren’t getting the information they need.

    More convenient electric car charging: PSE&G is pursuing a pilot program in which it donates charging stations.

    Three years after Sandy, a new threat looms over towns that suffered severe damage: the loss of millions of dollars in grants used to help stricken communities pay for basic services.

    In Ridgefield a movie theater has a lofty mission. With four screening rooms, a cafe, restaurant, a full bar and and art installation, the Prospector Theater employs 111 people, 65% of whom have disabilities.

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    1. lebleu

      Christie can’t contain his vindictive nature nor hide his long held grudges to the public. He can not tolerate even the tiniest slight without exacting some revenge. He has to act out.

      This is the man who would have you believe that he wasn’t aware and didn’t condone the actions in the Bridge scandal. His pattern of behavior is well documented, even after. A zebra can’t change its stripes and its very easy to recognize.


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