He is still our governor, isn’t he?

So when is the last time Christie took a public position or action on New Jersey governance? It’s been a while. He is busy flailing his way through a losing campaign, acting in desperation mode, and ignoring his New Jersey duties.

Yesterday’s Monmouth University poll in New Hampshire, a “make or break” primary, places him tied in 9th position (2%). Real Clear Politics has him in 11th place (2.3%) in South Carolina, 13th (1.5%) in Iowa, and in national polls at 11th (2.0%). In 2013 in July, August, and September he was leading in the national Republican nomination polls and by December he was at 20%, above the nine other potential contenders. Since then it has all been downhill to 2.2%.

His desperation on the campaign trail is increasingly apparent. In New Hampshire he now takes sole credit for keeping the 2nd Amendment alive in NJ, although his position on gun control in the past has been more moderate. He says about President Obama, “He looked right in that camera and lied to the American people [about Iran].” He boasted that if elected he would track immigrants like FedEx packages. To satisfy voracious conservative primary voters he has also dished out red meat on planned parenthood, common core, teacher unions, marijuana, taxes, and more. All desperate political blather, flip-flopping and posturing.    

He makes generous use of press releases to announce actual actions and policies, but the releases attest to how little he has done recently. You have to go back to August 28 when he signed one bill, August 26 he filed direct appointments, August 25 he signed another bill and August 19 he announced a buy-out for the Blue Acres program. Following a meeting with US Secretary of Transportation Fox and others on August 18 he issued a joint release regarding a new tunnel which told us nothing new. This is the complete record for the last 30 days, and the prior period is equally unsatisfying. In the meantime pressing issues here are ignored.

His presidential prospects have sunk like lead balloons, his desperation out on the hustings is becoming pitiful, and his involvement with his day job seems casual at best. So yes he is still our governor, if only by law, but he has rendered New Jerseyans mad at him and the broader public disinterested.

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