Blue Jersey is 10 years old today. And its all about to change.

BLUE JERSEY LOGO TEEBlue Jersey came to life at 8:39pm on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005 when Juan Melli, Blue Jersey’s blogfather, created his account. I signed on less than an hour later (not sure to what, but I trusted Juan). First diary Juan ever wrote – next morning, 10 years ago today – was about Rush Holt & Frank Pallone protesting the Iraq War when Condi Rice came to the Princeton campus.

All of us at Blue Jersey have Juan to thank most of all, for dreaming up the clubhouse. And I thank every one of the dozen-plus staff writers who make this place go. You don’t even know how much work they’ve put in.

Thanks, Blue Jerseyans. You made this place. Now, let’s make it into something brand new: Blue Jersey 2.0 on WordPress.

Blue Jersey 2.0 Blue Jersey’s going to be sleeker, more user-friendly. Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out new functionality and tools, some of which will be suggested by you. And we’ll be looking for more writers (who won’t need to depend on HTML) and interns.

History Blue Jersey was created on a platform called Soapblox developed by Paul Preston; an inexpensive, community-building tool that Juan and a bunch of other smart people across the country jumped on and made their own. Then in 2009, disaster: Soapblox was hacked. It made national news. But an amazing thing happened. The netroots community, feeling its power, rallied and raised the resources to make Soapblox secure. The next month, Soapblox joined Warecorp for hosting. Warecorp’s been our home. In a few weeks, the Soapblox will go dark. We send it off with love & thanks.

Craptastic timing We didn’t choose for the platform shift to happen right before Election Day, but we’ll roll with it. We might have to go dark for a little while we scramble to retool. But unlike the old days, we’re no longer on one platform. Our Twitter, Facebook & YouTube will be active, and we’ll up our Periscope and Instagram game.

If you have ideas for what’s next, this is a good time to shout them out now – comment below, or shoot us an email. More info as we roll.

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