News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Buck Stops Where?

Chris Christie, in his last desperate throws of his presidential quest, and who has never taken responsibility for any of New Jersey’s woes, blames President Obama on the heroin epidemic and the stock market performance.

This is How Low the GOP Bar is

Ted Cruz is a bigger mensch than Chris Christie. Both candidates criticized Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy. In a tweet, Cruz wished Carter well in his fight with cancer. Christie did not.

Best Tweet about Trump’s Visit to NJ

New Updates on Old Scandals

Bridgegate: The law firm that produced Christie’s taxpayer-funded self-exoneration report is trying to hide data needed by Christie’s cronies’ defense.

Melgengate: Federal prosecutors accused Sen. Robert Menendez of using “sensational” and “histrionic” arguments in his defense against corruption charges.

New Jersey Colleges: LGBTQ Friendly

Three of the top 25 LGBTQ-friendly colleges are in New Jersey – Rutgers, Princeton, and Montclair State.

Speaking of Rutgers…

…how about them tomatoes?

Jumping the Gun

Matt Friedman compiles a list of Democratic apparatchiks who have and have not endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Who will be the Next NJ Senate President?

Steve Sweeney is running for governor. PolitickerNJ takes a stab at who will succeed him as senate president. Will it be a DINO or a true Democrat?

Welcome to the World, Bella Rose Abbud

You were born in Jersey Shore traffic. Get used to it.

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