News Roundup and Open Thread for Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jazzman here, pinch hitting for Rosi again. Sorry we’re late today; let’s get to it:

Tragedy in Warren

Yet another senseless murder with a high-powered weapon. Warren is an affluent little suburban town where these things never happen… until they do. Of course, in other parts of the state, gun violence occurs much more regularly.

I fear we’ve hit the point where we treat these incidents like hurricanes: like they’re somehow out of our control.

Chris Who?

As the Christie campaign continues to stall out, word comes that he will reimburse the state for one — one — helicopter flight. Of course, the state continues to pick up the cost of his security as he travels around the nation on his increasingly futile presidential bid.

Meanwhile, Christie whistles past the graveyard.

Non-Christie News

So they had their tunnel meeting, and they’re all committed to building another tunnel. Just a few pesky details to work out…

Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop gets tough with PSE&G.

Paul Mulshine continues to polish the turd that is Donald Trump. All Trump has to do at this point is pretend global warming is a myth and Mulshine will go into a swoon.

Jersey politics: super classy.

A grateful nation thanks you, Emma Didlake.

NJ Spotlight (I write regularly for them) takes a couple of weeks off this time each year. But they run a Summer Reading Series that’s worth checking out.

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