News Roundup and Open Thread for Thursday, August 20, 2015

Christie ’16 (as if):

Yesterday, six Republican candidates, including Chris Christie, talked education policy in a series of interviews with Campbell Brown, the former CNN host turned incoherent, anti-union, anti-teacher tenure crusader.

Christie, predictably, spent his time bashing teachers unions. He told Brown he hated working with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, on the contract for the Newark Teachers Union. Funny, back in 2012 he was happy to go on national TV with Weingarten (and Bradley Cooper – seriously) and crow about the deal (which, of course, he has completely reneged on).

To be fair, the other candidates at Brown’s little fest were happy to slam teachers unions as the greatest threat to America’s children evah. None, of course, bothered to point out America is systematically defunding its public schools, and inequities in funding between affluent and poor districts continues to increase. Even New Jersey, which used to be a leader in school funding equity, has retreated from its commitment to fairly fund schools under Christie.

For those who don’t follow education policy carefully: the intellectual godfather behind the “money doesn’t matter” argument espoused by the Republicans (and far too many Democrats) is a economist named Eric Hanushek. Rutgers’ Bruce Baker recently debunked his malarky; his post is worth reading if you want to know where this mendacity got its start.

Other News

– That was some rain yesterday, huh? Looks like more is on the way.

– The Star-Ledger takes Senator Robert Menendez to task for opposing the Obama administration’s Iran deal.

– Newark Mayor Ras Baraka had an anti-violence rally last week. But the city just saw four people die in a single day.

PolitickerNJ announces their “30 Under 30” up-and-coming political personalities.

– We now have the third-highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

Senator Steve Sweeney discusses his Sandy transparency bill.

American Dream is going great! No, really! It’s different this time, we swear…

Clear Water Action wants the Legislature to start showing some backbone and stop giving in to Christie’s destruction of NJ’s environment.

– Hey Phillies: why not just cancel the rest of the season? Spare us all a lot of agony…

Stay dry!

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  1. proud2Bliberal

    I just posted a diary here on Hillary’s college affordability plan and school accountability policy. It’s long & wonky but I hope you give it a read.


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