Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for July 11-12, 2015

Where’s the LG?

  • NJBIZ editorial: It’s time to give the lieutenant governor top billing.

    The GOP small-government boys never believe in small government when it blocks their chance to discriminate

  • Scott Garrett & Chris Smith back denying services to gay couples on religious grounds.
  • More Washingtonia: Booker pushes bill to limit truck speed, ease work pressure on truckers.

    Great US Soccer Players Have One Thing In Common: They’re From New Jersey

  • Between MTV and Chris Christie, NJ has a pretty crappy rep, but on the other hand we get to claim these amazing women.

    This should be interesting

  • First in a series: Booker and 2016: ‘Cory flip flops too much,’ says old foe Rice. Newark nemesis is not Rice’s first choice for Clinton VP but he wouldn’t refuse to back the ticket if Clinton picks Booker, he says.


  • Man featured in Christie 2016 campaign ad not sure he’ll support Gov.’s White House bid.
  • Stile: Christie shows a softer side on NH trail.
  • So funny: Maine Dem thanks Christie for distracting state’s governor.
  • By non-scientific reader poll, Ledger readers weigh in on Christie’s 2016 Telling it Like it Is theme.

    Bridgegate scandall fallout

  • Moran: Christie’s Bridgegate spin withers under scrutiny.
  • Bridget Anne Kelly rebuffed in bid to recoup legal bills.
  • GWB probe: Judge orders Christie law firm to turn over recordings of interviews with state officials.

    John Farmer looks down on the primary process, where party voters help drive party platform as they choose a candidate … as a ‘phony war’

  • Farmer equates Bernie Sanders with the GOP ‘pretenders’ Santorum & Trump, and of how Sanders talks about issues – as though that and not Clinton’s money advantage from the corporate world and her family’s charity is what marginalizes him. Have fun with that.


  • Emailed slam of Fulop leads to Jersey City worker’s resignation.
  • Agustin C. Torres: Mayor is the power in the Jersey City African-American community.

    Christie administration failed public on Exxon deal, groups tell judge

  • Sen. Ray Lesniak and an attorney for a coalition of environmental groups tell a Superior Court judge the state had abandoned the public interest by entering into a pollution settlement with Exxon Mobil.

    2015 campaigns

  • Are Dems using LD11 as their distraction from battleground districts?
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