TONIGHT: Will there be splashback on the school board member trying to force out a gay colleague?

If the idea of a school board member trying to force the resignation of  her board president over a pro-equality speech seems ugly to you, then you want to know the board’s next public meeting is tonight:

Franklin Twp School Board meeting 7:30pm – Open to the public

Franklin High School – 500 Elizabeth Avenue, Somerset NJ

Cafeteria (Entrance is at back of HS)

Should be interesting. Several board members, plus students and parents, have spoken up for Board President Ed Potosnak. Far as I know, board member Pat Stanley is alone on the board in calling for his resignation. Stanley protests she’s “not anti-gay” but upset that Potosnak ‘hijacked” graduation and turned it into a political event.

I’ll be interested to hear what Stanley has to say. But I smell a bigot, digging herself in deeper, her discomfort with gay people showing despite words. Potosnak’s getting married in a few days. Stanley’s the only one who refused to sign a congratulations card organized by the board, and share a little cake. And she accused Potosnak of talking about his wedding to graduates (uh, he didn’t) and revealing “intimate” details (“intimate” – wow, nope). There were two applause breaks in Potosnak’s brief discussion of the Obergefell decision.

Who else will be there tonight? Garden State Equality, an essential player in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights protecting school students of all kinds. Here we have a situation where students were witnesses to a situation they can consider may qualify as a kind of bullying.  In his speech, Potosnak said he hoped his students would go out and make the world “more just, more fair, safer and more equal”. For some of them, the first test may be tonight.  

Here is the speech that board member Pat Stanley wants Board President Ed Potosnak to resign for:

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