Of Stunts and Window Dressing

The Call for Christie Resignation is a Diversion

NJ.com reports – a story prominently featured here at the top of today’s BlueJersey’s press clips – that Senators Weinberg and Lesniak will sponsor legislation to force Christie to resign.

We are not fooled.

It’s not serious – it’s another political stunt.

Democratic lawmakers should focus on the policy, not the politics

Dems can’t muster a routine over-ride vote on minor policy bills and they think they can force Christie to resign?

Dems should focus on the substance of Christie’s unpopular and destructive policies and educate media and voters.

Dems should use the legitimate legislative powers they have that are independent of the Governor to conduct oversight and Constitutionally veto bad regulatory rollbacks now in the pipeline, like the DEP’s proposal to gut the Flood Hazard regulations.

Dems could do a LOT more with their own “bully pulpit” that would be a LOT more effective than stunts like a resign bill.

There are several major Christie initiatives underway that Dems can hold oversight of – here’s a short list off the top of my head – I’m sure you can suggest many more::

Energy Master Plan

Water Supply Master Plan

Flood Hazard Rules

Implementation of Global Warming Response Act

Implementation of Off Shore Wind Act

NJ Transportation Trust Fund finance

Funding Water Infrastructure

Failure to plan for climate change adaptation

Barnegat Bay ecological collapse

Sandy Recovery

Privatization of toxic site cleanup

Enforcement of environmental laws

Reforms of the “Exxon” NRD program at DEP

What ever happened to the State Land Use Plan and Planning Commission?

Does DEP still even have an Environmental Justice Program?

Filter the toxic soup in NJ’s Drinking Water

What’s going on with Affordable Housing?

School Privatization – Newark and Beyond

NJ’s housing foreclosure crisis

Green jobs program

What jobs and public benefits did NJ receive for over $5 billion in Christie corporate tax breaks?

Privatization and commercialization of Liberty State Park

Constitutional Amendment to dedicate the Clean Energy Fund and Societal Benefits Charge

Childhood lead poisoning program update

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  1. Tom Paine (Post author)

    as expected.

    BTW, I wrote about this stupid diversionary stunt on MONDAY morning.


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