News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are the ties and alliances between Christie’s office and Paul Fishman undermining the US Attorney’s investigations?

  • Outlining ties between Christie & Bridgegate prosecutor, whistleblower asks Obama Justice Dept to intervene in NJ

    Corruption indictment affects Menendez poll numbers

  • He’s at 37% approve to 36% disapprove, down from 42% approve to 38% disapprove in May. Booker’s rating is also down. Obama’s job rating is above 50%. And following SCOTUS victories, approval for Obamacare and marriage equality are both up.

    Candidate Christie’s New Jersey problem

  • If Christie has a ‘New Jersey problem’ complicating his White House bid, cratered approval ratings and a failing economy, now there’s an actual effort to rid the state of him as governor entirely, in the form of Weinberg and Lesniak’s resign to run legislation, which if passed would affect not only Christie but any NJ governor to come.
  • In counterpoint, Deciminyan sees frustration and spinning wheels ahead.
  • Ledger’s not buying it, either.


  • Your move, NJ Legislature: NJ’s low-income families could get solar, thanks to the Obama administration.
  • Christie & Sweeney both take credit for the EITC.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase seeks to move 2,150 jobs from NYC to JC.
  • Idea for student debt lottery came from Virginia entrepreneur.
  • Right-wing think tank Mercatus Center says NJ’s economy’s in the tank.


  • Unusual mystery & drama mark meeting today of the NJ Board of Ed.
  • In Newark, rally continues the community’s struggle to see local control of schools returned to its elected leaders.
  • Baraka joins anti-Cerf protest, calls critics of school control deal ‘crackpots’.

    Whatever could they be worried about?

  • Exxon and the state move to block environmental groups from testifying against $225M settlement.


  • Will Joe DiVincenzo endorse Christie for 2016? Don’t bet on it, says The Auditor.
  • Christie to Idaho for the rest of this week to attend the conference known as the “billionaire’s summer camp”.
  • Stile: Christie’s soft criticism of Trump reflects balancing act.
  • Christie opens the door to privatization at Liberty State Park.

    GOP 2016 White House candidates as Minions

  • And Christie is the only one the Washington Post cartoonist drew as one of the Evil Minions.  
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      With all 6 Christie appointees following their master’s orders.

    2. lebleu

      or there is no justice.


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