News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, July 21, 2015


  • Christie leads poll of Iowa GOP voters … in ‘unfavorable’ rating.
  • Christie vows to defund Planned Parenthood if elected president.
  • Pro-Christie group launches TV ad in NH.
  • In SC. And to Iowa.
  • Temp-Nation: Christie administration has unprecedented number of ‘acting’ appointees.


  • Guest op-ed: Christie’s sleight of hand on pension payments: How Christie increased the pension contributions to munis & counties to reduce their normal cost of employer shares into the pension funds, resulting in less money from employers to the funds  – – and public employees funding tax relief for everyone else in the state.


  • NJEA president says he won’t negotiate pension reforms with Christie – only legislative leaders. Wendell Steinhauer calls Christie “dishonest, unreliable and hopelessly incapable of good-faith negotiations.”
  • Explainer: Coming to terms with the intricacies of fair housing after COAH.
  • A familiar cast of characters in newark to launch a $50 million venture capital fund to lure 50 new tech start-up companies to a building owned by the founder of, which is also deeply tied into the effort to remake Newark public education into a haven for privatization.

    “They are denying the way we exist.”

  • Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation, an American Indian tribe, 3,000 members, sue Christie and the state in federal court, for what they say is an attempt to rescind their recognition and two other NJ tribes as American Indian tribes.


  • Christie signs bill expanding drug program.
  • Agreement brings relief to kin of disabled residents living outside NJ.

    Menendez fallout

  • The senator’s lawyers bring a series of motions to dismiss the 22-count indictment against him and the Florida eye doctor who allegedly bought the senator’s influence with luxury vacations and campaign donations.


  • As old computer monitors and electronics pile up, environmental hazard grows.


  • Braun: Cerf about to throw school workers into the streets.
  • Rice goes off on charter school application process at schools meeting.


  • Was Menendez’ voice on Cuba weakened when he yielded the top Dem spot on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after indictment?
  • Menendez: Cuban political prisoners overshadow opening of new embassy.
  • Booker says he wants to dig into the details on Iran deal.
  • Garrett vows to keep fighting Iran agreement.  
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Good to see him say he won’t negotiate with Christie.  The issue will have to be put aside until Christie resigns or his term ends.  


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