News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, July 17, 2015

‘Uncooperative’ property owners slowing down PennEast pipeline project

  • Heh heh heh.


  • Senator writes guest op-ed: Why I’m trouble by Iran nuclear deal.

    Netroots Nation Blue Jersey adPope Francis, Dodd-Frank, SEIU, the “weaponizing of religion,” 2020 redistricting – Next up, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley

  • Deciminyan’s Day 1 updates from Netroots Nation in Phoenix.


  • Settling into new job, Cerf must come to terms with opposition to ‘One Newark’.
  • Who represents the people at the NJ BOE?

  • Newark parents are talking about how charters are cherry picking kids.


  • Fine print: Looking for a legal way to get around the 2% property tax cap.

  • NJ begins eminent domain process against coastal land owners.

  • Tuition & fees at Rutgers about to go up.

    Scott Garrett is a hateful person who does not deserve a seat in Congress

  • Garrett doesn’t want to contribute to the NRCC. Why? Because it actively recruits gay candidates and has supported homosexuals in primaries.

  • Passaic GOP chair John Traier, who is gay, incredulous at Garrett’s remarks.

  • Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick contributes $5k to the LD34 campaign of Passaic County GOP Chairman John Traier.
  • CD5 in focus: Is Garrett vulnerable to a GOP primary opponent?


  • Charles Stile points out that Christie doesn’t seem to understand Dr. Seuss.
  • At New Hampshire town hall, woman derides Christie’s Social Security reforms.

  • Watch: Booker praises Obama & Christie on criminal justice.

  • NPR digs into Christie’s slogan: Telling it Like it Is.
  • Christie to SC Monday.  
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    1. proud2Bliberal

      Yesterday, at the end of his show, Dr. Phil demolished Christie. Almost the entire hour was devoted to a woman who was clueless and in denial until her husband was arrested for being a serial rapist.  Towards the end he interviewed a crisis management consultant to help the wife.  He recited a list of famous people who had been the consultant’s clients. Then he said that those who didn’t hire her didn’t have a brain.  Then he showed footage of Christie denying Bridgegate. The parallel between the clueless wife who was in denial and Christie’s denials was obvious. The consultant said all politics is local. Dr. Phil said that politics can be personal and for anyone sitting on that bridge waiting in traffic it was very personal. They sell CDs of the shows, so you can get a copy.  


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