Jim Keady Speaks Outside Chris Christie Announcement

Scenes from the big protest outside Christie’s 2016 kickoff. Glad to see Jim Keady post here himself. Promoted by Rosi.

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Today Governor Christie will be announcing that he is officially running for President. In the coming days, as the national media begins to scrutinize the Governor’s record, it will become obvious to the people of America what the people of New Jersey know as fact: Governor Christie is an abject failure as a public servant.

If anyone needs immediate proof, all one needs to do is read the front page article of Sunday’s Star Ledger titled, “Sandy recovery: another summer of discontent.

As noted in the article, we have moved into the third summer after hurricane Sandy devastated our state, and yet, more than 9,000 families in the state’s RREM program are not back home.

Governor Christie said in 2014 that getting Sandy families back home would be the top priority of his administration. He said that getting Sandy families back home would be his mission. He said that he would not rest until every family was back home.

Governor Christie lied.

When I challenged him on his record on Sandy recovery and demanded accountability, his response was for me to “sit down and shut up.” As I have made clear, I will do neither. That is why I am running for the NJ State Assembly in the 30th District. The people of New Jersey need a voice. The Governor must be held to account.

While our fellow New Jersey residents continue to suffer, Governor Christie has spent more than 200 days of the last year out of New Jersey campaigning for a job that he will not get, while ignoring the job that the people elected him to do. He should be in his office right now doing the work to get those Sandy families back home.

Along with the mess that the Governor has made of Sandy recovery – New Jersey’s economy is still in recession; our unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation; our public infrastructure is crumbling; and our pension fund is on the brink of insolvency.

Fiscal dishonesty, failed public policy, absentee leadership and flat out lies – these are the hallmarks of Governor Christie’s tenure. The people of New Jersey have overwhelmingly rejected him and so will our fellow citizens throughout the nation.

America deserves leaders who are committed to service, who believe in transparency, fiscal honesty, and the promotion of the common good.  Governor Christie is none of these.  He is everything that is wrong with politics in America.

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