Is Anyone Running in NJ-5?

Does anyone on here know if anyone has committed to running in the 5th? I saw Cho dropped out the other day, pretty sad since I was a big fan of his.  

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    from Bergen County is already challenging Garrett and is locking up tons of anti-Garrett money and is going to give Earnest Garrett a run for his money, which is great.

    Also in a quickly developing process, reports are coming in that former Bergen County Executive Pat Schuber may take on Garrett, as now is the time.

    Schuber is poised to destroy Garrett in a convention and in a primary.

    With Driscoll, Holly Schepsi and Mahwah Councilman Herman Hermanson taking a pass, it looks clear for Schuber.

    Dems are 100% behind Clinton official Josh Gottenhiemer and has tons of big time early money. Except former Congressional Candidate, Teaneck Councilmember Jason Castle  is very very popular among the Progressive community and still has refused to make a final decision. Castle also has refused to take a position on Garretts recent anti-gay position, which is perplexing.

    Either way Garret is done! It finally going to happen.

  2. Bill Orr

    is Josh Gottheimer, a 40 years old resident of Wyckoff who was a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and worked on the presidential campaigns for General Wesley Clark and John Kerry. He worked for the FEC before becoming a corporate strategist for Microsoft. As a challenger to Garrett, who has over $2 million in cash on hand, Gottheimer in the past few months has raised $631,000 (quite an accomplishment) and has $586,000 in cash on hand. He looks to be a strong contender.

    Michael Cino has raised $20,000 and has $43 cash on hand.


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