ICYMI: Alter and Keady on Christie 2016 on The Ed Show MSNBC (Video)

Ed Schultz went to journalist Jonathan Alter (of Montclair) and Assembly candidate (LD30) Jim Keady for analysis of Christie’s kickoff yesterday.

Alter talked about an ‘accountability effort’ by those who oppose him – and journalists – to show that he’s not the straight shooter he says he is. Alter says Christie’s timing’s good in the sense there’s a “thirst for compromise” now that even affects Republicans, that the far-right’s control of the GOP, forcing it not t compromise, appears to be ending. But the idea that Christie is some sort of conciliatory figure is laughable. That with 30% favorables there are a lot of people who voted for him here and regret it. Keady says Christie’s reality doesn’t match his rhetoric. That there was great stuff in Christie’s speech but Christie isn’t the guy who can deliver any of it. That Christie talked about big national issues of economy and recession but here, NJ’s only recovered 67% of the jobs we lost, of unemployment when our own jobless rate is high, and New Jersey’s had 9 credit downgrades under Christie. “He talks about a crisis in leadership in Washington … we’ve got one in New Jersey!” And, “If he wants to do the things he talked about in his speech today, do them in New Jersey.”

Want to skip to the discussion? Start at 5:45. Brief ad.

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