Response to the NJ Supreme Court Ruling on Pensions

(Jim Keady is the guy Chris Christie, with his characteristic statesmanship, told to “sit down and shut up.” He’s now running for Assembly in District 30. Wouldn’t it be great to have a voice like this in the statehouse? – promoted by Jersey Jazzman)

In response to NJ Supreme Court ruling on pensions:

For people who do not understand the negotiating challenge with regard to the state pension issue, here is the short of it.

In 2011 Governor Christie asked the public employee unions to come to the bargaining table with the goal of solving the pension issue once and for all. The public workers conceded on a number of negotiating points and moved forward in good faith on every item they were asked to compromise on. In return, the Governor promised to make the payments to get the pension system back on solid footing. He has not made those payments as per the contract he signed into law. He welched on the deal that he cut, then he went out on the campaign trail and demonized teachers for not being willing to come back to the bargaining table. Note that he does not have the courage to speak the same about the State Police, local police, firefighters etc. He only bashes the teachers. He wants all the public employees to come back to the table to renegotiate AGAIN and to give stuff up, AGAIN. The public employees are saying, “With all due respect Governor, no.” Our public employees bargained in good faith and did their part by making their payments. Governor Christie has not. Our public workers are rightfully demanding that the Governor make the payments he promised to make as per the contract he signed. Then and only then will our public workers talk about changing things for a second time

I am certain that reasonable citizens can understand and empathize with the position of our public employees. I do. I stand with them and support them in their fight and I hope their case is heard by the United States Supreme Court and that they win.

Peace, Jim Keady

(the “sit down and shut up” guy)

NJ Assembly Candidate, 30th District

Save NJ Pensions

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  1. nancysee

    for November and it will (LOL) work just as well in 2017:

    “New Jersey is undertaxed;

    Democrats will fix that”

    “This ad was paid for by the NJEA, the CWA and the rest of the public unions that keep our property taxes number 1 in the country-and you can’t beat number 1!”


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