Our Rocky Horror Budget Show

“It’s astounding. Time is fleeting.”  Gov. Christie submitted his budget in February. Then with about four months to reply, the legislature waited until the last moment and as of this morning has only provided an outline of its response. The fact that legislators might have wanted to wait for the Supreme Court ruling on Pen/Ben is irrelevant as what they have proposed includes the Pen/Ben contributions that would have been in the budget regardless. The plan is to approve the budget in committees today. (It will be broadcast on the legislative website starting at about 10:00 am.) There will be voting on Thursday, and then the package will be delivered a few hundred feet away to the governor’s office.

“Madness takes its toll.” The legislature has made line item increases and decreases in the budget, but people who depend on funding know little about what the they are, and there is no time left for public comment. We do know that more than 2,000 contacts were made between registered lobbyists and state officials that are influencing the 2016 budget talks.

“Let’s do the Time Warp: It’s just a jump to the left.” That’s where we are now with the legislature’s proposal.

“And then a step to the right.” That will come from Christie. And then the dance ends. There is no more “jump to the left.”

“Not for very much longer.” It will all be over by next Tuesday.

“I’ve got to keep control.” That’s Christie. And he will.

 –  From: Time WarpThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  1. Rosi Efthim
  2. Bill Orr (Post author)

    the Assembly Budget Committee today in a party-line vote approved the $35.3 billion budget Democrats unveiled the day before. The public and probably many members of the Assembly are not fully aware of the changes the Dems are proposing (including an over-optimistic 2016 revenue projection.) Nonetheless, after waiting four months and with no public input, they spend only an hour on approving it.  


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