News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Decision day on the NJ pension case

  • NJ pension fight might not end with state Supreme Court ruling.
  • Ciattarelli v. Blistan: Public Pension debate spills into the streets.

    Christie scandals

  • This is called getting off easy: Former Christie insider Christina Renna gets a $500 fine for violating the state’s conflicts of interest law after she used her work e-mail account to discuss state business with her husband, an executive at the firm proposing a gas pipeline in the Pinelands.

    2016 players in Jersey

  • Steve Lonegan will run Ted Cruz’ campaign in NJ.
  • Desperately seeking gun vote: Christie pardons his second gun rights advocate of the year.

  • Jon Bon Jovi & wife will host Hillary Clinton’s first NJ funder.
  • Christie’s 9th trip to NH this year.


  • An upgrade to OPRA & OPMA from Loretta Weinberg and Joe Pennacchio, is considered, which may potentially cover Choose New Jersey, an org whose workings are opaque to the public, run by the constantly-present Michele Brown.
  • Senate budget advances bill bill that strips authority over Liberty State Park from the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority.
  • Out-of-network bill hits snag.

    Exxon settlement giveaway

  • Panel seeks constitutional amendment to stop diversion of ‘green’ funds, like the Exxon settlement shifting environmental money to the general budget.
  • Bill de Blasio rips Exxon settlement in letter to NJ officials.


  • American Water Works wants $164 million in tax credits to move to Camden. This would be under a law allowing the broad use of tax incentives, championed by Don Norcross when he was a state senator.
  • Study: NJ a repeat offender of ‘one-shot’ budget maneuvers.
  • Explainer: NJ Homestead Rebates.
  • Ledger editorial says Trenton’s blowing it on casino expansion.
  • Rice “not sure” casino a good idea for Newark.
  • Central Jersey lawmakers drop their own constitutional amendment into casino debate.

    Edison Stunner: Hahn beats Russomano by two votes in Dems’ Chairman fight

  • In stunning late development, Diehl drops out and backs Hahn to make it a mano-a-mano between Russomano, backed by longtime local Chairman Paterniti, and local cop Hahn.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Find in favor of the Governor 5-2.

      Not a real surprise as the majority I’m sure didn’t ‘t want to become enmeshed in the budgetary process.


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