News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, June 8, 2015

N Y Times: David Wildstein, in sworn testimony, says Christie broke federal grand jury law

  • Wildstein is blowing the whistle on how Christie actually ran his governor’s office, which includes, Wildstein says, talking freely with political allies – including Wildstein, Michele Brown, Bill Baroni and Richard Bagger –  about testimony he was forbidden by federal law to discuss. And it was all for the political jockeying to maneuver popular Passaic Sheriff Jerry Speziale out of elective politics, to “take Speziale’s campaign war chest” and place him at a Port Authority job, and maneuver Art Cifelli out of that same job. This also appears to show that Wildstein can demonstrate with specifics that he was closer to Christie’s inner circle and political jockeying than Christie says he was.
  • More on Christie scandals: Was Fort Lee mayor a long-term political target?


  • Christie on Face the Nation: Attacks Clinton and Paul again, references his “day job” and again says a 2016 decision is coming soon, goalposts moved yet again.
  • Christie to address Christian conservative activists.
  • Christie flip-flopping to sound more conservative.
  • Christie makes Codey poster boy for NJ term limits.


  • Sweeney has to roll the dice on North Jersey casinos: Gambling referendum is becoming a referendum on Sweeney’s political future.
  • Kalet: Helping undocumented immigrants get on the road to economic stability.


  • Sludge and sewage aren’t hazardous substances, according to proposed bill.

  • Environmental group brings in activist to organize pipeline opposition.

  • 10 of Garden State’s recurring environmental problems.


  • Who should control projects at Liberty State Park? Discussion of two bills today in Senate.

  • Human milk banks could soon be coming to New Jersey.

  • NJ residents could soon be allowed to sell baked goods made at home.

  • Statewide advisory board on behavioral mental health is goal of new legislation.

    As 2015 Assembly races heat up

  • GOP Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick wants to debate his Democratic counterparts.  
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