News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, June 1, 2015

Tuesday’s primaries

  • NJ Spotlight: Where the Action Is: NJ Spotlight’s guide to NJ’s most contested party primaries.
  • Politicker: Flashpoint Tuesday: A look at key Election Day angles.
  • In Assembly primaries, few willing to take on NJ political establishment.

    With a solid background of 6 years of being allowed to do almost nothing of substance by Gov. Christie

  • Kim Guadago considering running for NJGov.

    Jackson: Menendez case set to simmer

  • The senator was indicted on corruption charges 2 months ago. Since then, he remains in the public eye, and his legal team is busy, with the case headed back into the public eye with whether he’ll be tried in NJ or Washington.


  • Jersey Jazzman A/K/A Mark Weber at NJ Spotlight: Christie’s Common Core flip-flop leaves teachers, students in lurch.
  • What happens next?


  • Biggest spenders on NJ lobbying.
  • Do business tax incentives work? Let’s ask Rutgers.
  • New Jersey’s éminences grises Kean & Byrne have strong opinions on who should pump our gas.
  • Why is this allowed to happen in Camden? Camden shouldn’t tolerate 92.5 XTU’s concert goers.  
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    1. lebleu

      Ribbon cutting

      Ground breaking

      Shaking down mayors for development

      Being a figurehead while Crispyhood of the traveling rants tours the world.

    2. marshwren

      the NJ Council on the Arts

      Tried to get the “eye sore” Petty’s Run archaeological outside her office window filled in and paved over

      Interceding with an acting AG to get the Hunterdon Co. Sheriff’s department indictments quashed


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