News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, June 26, 2015


  • Budget goes to Christie, who says he’ll be watching ‘all the spending’, a lame attempt by the Gov known for wasting the public’s money to pin tax and spend on the majority party.
  • Sighs of relief as NJ avoids chaos thanks to Obamacare ruling.
  • Healthcare advocates in NJ cheer high court’s ruling upholding ACA subsidies.
  • Dem lawmakers add last-minute funding for pet education projects.
  • Forshner: Affordable housing a critical component of NJ’s economic growth. Companies won’t open here if employees can’t find homes for all income levels.


  • Christie to announce Tuesday at Livingston High School, where he was class president and didn’t really know David Wildstein.
  • Timeline of a bungled Christie announcement rollout.
  • Teachers at Livingston HS want to know why a Gov so bad on education is allowed to announce on school grounds.
  • NH polling: Christie in 7th place with 5% support.

  • Moran: Christie’s White House campaign: The sure loser is New Jersey.
  • Christie does not renominate Gordon MacInnes, critic of his economic policies and head of NJPP, to the Rutgers governing board.

    Because Norcross

  • NJ Democrat-backed power grab for Camden EMS serices wins final approval.
  • Response data released: Virtua Health is calling into question the statistics Camden County provided on ambulance response times.


  • Legislature sends Christie bill requiring quarterly state pension contributions.
  • Heading into budget vote, Dems join union leaders in sounding battle cry over pensions.
  • Lawmakers advance bill restoring $7.5M for women’s health – again.
  • Tax breaks ahoy! NJ sales tax limit on luxury yachts sails through Legislature.
  • Legislative Services Commission meeting devolves into shouting match as Gill questions process.
  • Gun control bill backed by Gabby Giffords lands on Christie’s desk.
  • Weinberg and Gordon to drop new Port Authority reform bill today.
  • NJ Dems come close to overriding Christie.
  • NJ police, firefighters could be required to live where they work.
  • NJ Senate passes $25M bill for Rutgers athletic facilities.
  • Dems post bill condemning Confederate flag.


  • Garrett was target of crackdown by House Speaker Boehner, report says.

    Group claiming to turn gay men straight committed consumer fraud, NJ jury says

  • A NJ jury finds a non-profit group that provides gay-to-straight conversion therapy guilty of consumer fraud for promising clients they could overcome their sexual urges by undressing in front of other men, pummeling an effigy of their mothers, and re-enacting traumatic childhood experiences.
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