Here’s how the DNC is dogging White House wannabe Chris Christie today

If you’re like me, you wondered where the living hell the DNC (and the DGA) were 2 years ago when they were all Barbara Buono’s got cooties hands-off during Chris Christie’s re-election campaign. Dems asleep at the switch is a huge reason Christie was allowed to become the wrecking ball he is today. But I guess it was a little challenging for the national Dems to pile in when so many of the state Dems were quietly undermining the Democratic nominee for governor as they fed off Christie’s reflected glory while he still had some. Precious moments some Dems prefer you forget (oh hai Steve Sweeney).

But that was then and this is now. And I just want to point you to something that’s probably already sitting in your Inbox – a near-perfect email from DNC Research Director Laura Dillon (follow her on Twitter).

Why do I like this so much? Two reasons: (1) Email itself is short & punchy (but nicely linky) and (2) The last link takes you to a sweet outline of who Christie really is that just happens to be the perfect thing you can send to the yammering winger who’s bothering you on Facebook or your undecided uncle in whatever early-primary state.

Some people won’t click that last link, so I’m going to just shut up now and send you there right now. Share the hell out of it.

And hey – Does this Vine get you fired up for Tuesday?

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