Help: We are Drowning in political solicitations

The mind reels at the number of political solicitations we receive these days. They make one feel important and needed yet the sheer number leaves you numb. Emails come from people you don’t know and from states faraway, yet they often refer to you familiarly by your first name. Each desperately tries to attract attention. Many emails in the subject line issue commands, are unclear as to their purpose or boringly obvious.    

Here are few in the last 24 hours:

FROM                                SUBJECT

Mike Szustak                      Did you see Shawn’s note?

Jennifer Holdsswoth            Match alert

DSCC                                 Announcing …

Democratic Majority            we’re freaking them out

Cory Booker                       need an update now

Barack Obama                    I need you, Willam

Senate Majority PAC           This is TERRIFYING

Harry Reid                         we have you:

Democrats United 2016      William, don’t delete this

AMERIPAK                         Did we miss you?

Barnie Frank                      Very important test                         Membership info inside

Majority Maker Alert:           Martin O’Malley needs you to read this

Dem. Rapid Response Team WAIT…what?

Chris James                        Founding members

Just deleting them doesn’t help as the flood continues the next day. It’s  time-consuming and troublesome to request your name be removed from their list, and often your request is ignored anyway. The worst of it is that with so much junk on the screen it’s easy to miss an important email you really should read.

Oh well … Just call me Mr. Grouchy.  

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