Christie Pop Up Rally at Livingston H. S.

Be a part of the anti-Christie event at Livingston High School on Tuesday where he will announce a big surprise: he is a Republican candidate running for the presidency – the 14th candidate. His coming out party is at a school where he (or the press) will remind us he was a class president.

Much of the NJ education world remains offended by his choice of location given his underfunding, misdirected policies, and high-handed methods. You may even have a chance to let the national press know how Christie has mishandled education in New Jersey.

This “Truth to Power Pop Up Rally” from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM is hosted by the Essex County Education Association, which suggest you wear red. Their motto: “We Support Public Education – Children First.”

For more info about buses and registration (not required) go HERE.

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