Where is Our Apology Governor Christie??

(After the governor recently demanded an apology from the press, Momotombo now demands an apology from Christie. The list of reasons why is excellent, including the governor being a jerk.   – promoted by Bill Orr)

It has been a banner week for the man-who-would-be-president here in New Jersey. This week Governor Christie raised the art of spin to new heights by suggesting the abysmal polling numbers in New Jersey reflect our desire he remain our Governor rather than leave us for higher office. He redefined poor judgement by delivering a profanity laced speech at the Legislative Correspondence evening. And he revealed his delusional tendencies by demanding an apology from the press corps for making him seem guilty for Bridgegate.

Well Governor Christie, I am writing to say that I demand an apology from you. The list of reasons is long, so I will highlight the obvious reasons that you owe me and the people of New Jersey a lot of apologies.

First, for lying, breaking your promise, and not honoring the contract you signed on state pension benefits. You ran for office on the promise you would not touch state pensions. Then you touched them with a contract that required the state make payments in exchange for increased contributions from the state workers. They paid.

You slashed state revenues, you have not made the pension payment and now you have the audacity to ask the NJ Supreme Court to declare the contract invalid. You owe every pension holder in the state of New Jersey a big apology.

Second, I want an apology for your destruction of the New Jersey economy. Yes, the situation in 2010 was rough — as it was for many states around the nation. You took extreme measures with the promise that cutting taxes to the rich and giving tax breaks to corporations would stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

Well, 9 credit downgrades later and stubborn unemployment we lag the nation in economic recovery, our corporate tax revenues are down and our tax credits liabilities have soared to over $5 billion for the next 10 years.

You have sold off and privatized many state assets and you have continued to use funds dedicated for purposes such as clean air to balance your budgets. You vetoed raising the minimum wage, you vetoed the millionaires tax 4 times, and you have hidden the depth of our economic crisis by refusing to release information about our tax dollars.

You have helped wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of the rest of us who get less money back in property tax rebates, pay more in fares and tolls, get less in social services and state investment. So the rest of us New Jerseyans deserve a great big apology for your enormous economic failures.

Third, an apology is due for your malfeasance in your treatment of our education system. You have portrayed one of the best public school systems in the country as a failure, you have used a heavy hand in destroying urban education by starving them of resources while opening and funding charters, you have renewed Cami Anderson's contract despite massive opposition and and you have embraced high stakes testing as a fix for what was not broken.

In higher education you have divested from our colleges and universities, you have denied tuition aid for Dreamers and you have failed to stop the skyrocketing price tag of a college education. You have provided no direction in leading us towards solutions and instead intensified the crisis of higher education. So, all of us parents and students deserve an apology for pushing an agenda of privatization and profits at the expense of our children’s future.

Finally, we are due an apology for you being such a jerk. Time and time again you have been condescending, bullying, rude and insulting to the people you are elected to serve and represent. Even worse you seem to delight in it. And you feed on those few people that applaud your bullying tactics while ignoring those hurt by your treatment and your behavior.

As our state passed one of the strongest anti-bullying laws in the nation to protect our children in schools, it is ironic and troubling that you have consistently demonstrated that you are not a role model for our children and not a leader that this state can take pride in.

So for your persistent bad behavior, we deserve a whopper of an apology. You have mistreated residents of the state and made a mockery of the position you hold.

And so next time you get on the air to spin your falling poll numbers, consider Mr. Christie starting with the apologies that the people of New Jersey so richly deserve as we struggle to get by in the state you have used for your own political ambitions and gain at our expense.

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  1. deciminyan

    He needs to apologize for the deterioration of our infrastructure. Starting at the beginning of his reign, he cancelled a much-needed railroad tunnel under the Hudson on the assumption that there would be weapons of mass destruction cost overruns. By doing so, he turned back millions of Federal dollars that New Jersey residents are paying. Those dollars now go more to red states than to blue ones. He raped the Transportation Trust Fund.

    He needs to apologize for his kowtowing to the oil interests at the expense of the environment. He withdrew from RGGI, gave Exxon a sweetheart deal, fired the heads of the Highlands and Pinelands Commission and replaced them with people more hosile to our natural resources.

    The list goes on and on…


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