Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for May 30-31, 2015

Our deepest sympathy to our neighbors in Delaware who mourn the loss of former Attorney General Beau Biden.


  • Stile: Christie will have to decide soon if he wants a spot in Fox debate. The goal now is to become relevant.
  • Christie polls 4% among likely Iowa caucus goers as he trails 8 GOP contenders.
  • “Don’t play with them the way you played with us.” Christie to Congress on Texas flooding.
  • Christie wants you to think he still cares about his day job.
  • Moran: Christie’s flip on Common Core, and the growing character issue.
  • Chris Christie, Gabby Giffords and gun laws.
  • Christie says Clinton has answered ‘very few questions’ about server controversy.

    I get Facebook-unfriended by a top Hillary Clinton staffer

  • Guess he didn’t like my comment.


  • Ledger: Verizon deal with Christie’s BPU stinks.
  • Sweeney: South Jersey ports are looking up.
  • Contracts with more than 50,000 state workers are set to expire at the end of June. But the pension battle is stalling negotiations.

    Keeping guns from domestic abusers

  • Faith leaders from 3 traditions combine forces to advocate for two pieces of legislation; one to require domestic abusers to turn in their guns, another to fix a gap in NJ’s gun background checks law.

    Advice to Booker: Break from Menendez

  • On the question of more sanctions for Iran, the director of nonproliferation policy at the independent, nonpartisan Arms Control Association urges Cory Booker to resist Bob Menenez’ hardline approach.

    A call to elect more women to public office in NJ

  • In Tuesday’s primary, women are running for 47 or 120 offices in the Legislature. Women are 53% of eligible voters. If we could motivate women to vote for the many Dem women running, we could change the face of NJ politics, says Karen Hartshorn Hilton, director of Emerge NJ.
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