News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Conspiracy and fraud trial of Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni is postponed

  • New trial date Nov. 16. Old trial date July.
  • And Baroni’s heading to Ireland to work on that country’s marriage equality referendum.

    Try to get a bigger job when you can’t do the job you have

  • Pollster Patrick Murray plans to test out Christie’s theory that the reason NJ voters don’t think he’d make a good president is because we like him and want him to stay.
  • Ledger editorial: Christie loses his marbles on national TV.
  • Christie’s fondness for accepting luxury gifts just got a lot easier for him to conceal, thanks to Christie-appointed John Hoffman, acting attorney general.  
  • Christie changes immigration stance, pulls support for pathway to citizenship.
  • Katz: Yo Christie, did you hear what the next mayor of Philly said about you?
  • Stile: The ‘hawkish, never-give-an-inch style’ he touts in New Hampshire doesn’t square with reality; Christie cuts deals, like the mutually beneficial one with George Norcross that built the power of both.
  • It’s more than the Bridge: Why we don’t like Christie in NJ.


  • David Rosen: Fully funding pensions this year ‘fiscally or physically’ impossible.
  • Newark debt downgraded to junk bond status as outlook on 6 NJ cities turns negative.
  • BPU reclassifies basic phone service, paves way for Verizon rate hike – impact likely hardest on seniors, disabled, and poor.
  • Alleged BPU/Verizon deal prompts Smith to call for hearings.


  • Anti-vaxxer parents, start looking for another excuse, because religious exemption may go away except for those it truly applies to.
  • Sweeney hits brakes on pump-your-own-gas.
  • Profile of Asm Herb Conaway, and how he brings a physician’s perspective to healthcare issues.

    NJGov 2017

  • Payroll & politics: Jersey City hiring top Democrats who could boost Fulop’s run for governor.
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    1. JKWilson

      Conspicuously (and intentionally) absent from the Attorney General’s opinion that Christie isn’t required to report gifts – which goes to great pains to provide dictionary definitions of “income,” “honoraria,” “dividend,” “gratuity” and “royalty” – is the definition of the essential word at the heart of the opinion: “GIFT.” Per Black’s Law Dictionary (and every other dictionary), a gift is a voluntary transfer of personal property without any consideration (i.e., without any compensation or services received in return).

      The AG knew he couldn’t reconcile his opinion – which is designed to provide cover for Christie’s unreported gift binge – with that clear and unambiguous definition, so he ignored it and equated a “gift” with a “gratuity,” which is given in return for services. A gift, by its clear, simple definition, is NOT given in return for services. The opinion is result-oriented…and it’s wrong.


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